Jack Blundell

Storyteller from Scotland

BadlyBoundBible.com | badlyboundbible@gmail.com



If you told me I could float upwards into the ground, I would believe you. I would feel comfort from each gentle grasp by tentacles of grass as they pulled me in. I would not fear breathing. I would take a deep earthy breath from the garden of your good mourning. I will promise you one final look of love before flowers sprout from my eyes, sown from seeds of foolishness and hope.
- written by Jack -

If you don’t follow Aleksandra Johansen then quite simply you should. She is someone who not only inspires me creatively but I can also say (brag) that I’m blessed enough to have her in my life. Also her little sister is a pirate in command of a Hello Kitty paddling pool, if you need any more references.

Go and check her other work out now!


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